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AFMC News highlights Digital Agents of Change campaign kickoff

Last month, the DTO hosted a virtual event to officially launch the Digital Agents of Change campaign, a new recognition and learning opportunity for digital doers across the DAF.

More than 175 Airmen and Guardians joined the event, which featured an overview of the DTO’s vision, an introduction to the Digital Agents of Change campaign, insights from the trailblazing A-10 team, and an interactive Q&A segment.

digital doers

Following the event, AFMC News recapped key takeaways in an online article, including commentary from campaign leadership:

“There are digital champions among us who are succeeding against the opposition. These enemies of progress are not necessarily the bad guys, but they are those individuals who are clinging to the status quo or have built silos that resist integration. This includes bureaucratic processes as well as information technology obstacles that halt innovation and advancement,” said Vincent Pecoraro, lead program manager, DAF DTO.

AFMC News, September 2022

A full recording of the event can be viewed here with passcode BF%8*KBw.

If you know an Airman or Guardian who’s helping to advance the DAF’s digital transformation, be sure to check out the campaign at and share your submission!


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