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Meet the DTO

Our team is committed to addressing the digital needs of the entire acquisition and sustainment enterprise from a short- and long-term perspective. We’re looking beyond mission sets, breaking down barriers, and enabling digital innovators by connecting them with the information, resources, and support they need to outpace our adversaries.
J. Kyle Hurst
Kyle has led the DTO since its standup in June 2021. Previously, he spent time at Eglin Air Force Base, the National Capital Region, and Wright Patterson Air Force Base in numerous flight test, program office, and acquisition-focused Pentagon positions. In his current role, Kyle is tasked with leading long-term planning for Digital Materiel Management, strategic communication, stakeholder engagement, regional outreach, Digital Acceleration Task Force support, and the Digital governance and battle rhythm. Kyle has been a lead author of the Digital Building Code guidance document and DMM: An Accelerated Future State white paper, as well as a key contributor to the Digital Guide and several studies on the topic of enterprise digital transformation. Kyle believes in relationship building, doing what makes sense rather than “what we always do,” and empowering others.
Scott Thompson
DAF DTO Digital Integration Lead

Scott is passionate about eliminating manual, repetitive processes. With career expertise in Avionics and Navigation testing, including lab, ground, and flight testing, he’s spent a significant amount of time “breaking things” to improve design. Holding CISSP and CSSLP certifications, he’s supported multiple domains, including software assurance, industrial cybersecurity, and system security engineering for aircraft systems. At the DTO, he continues to “break things” by working to modernize the DOD’s processes from the 1950s era to today, focused primarily on digital environments, tool integration, and cybersecurity. He’s also dedicated to acculturating the workforce to utilize enterprise-available capabilities and emerging AI technologies that enhance work performance and reduce the burden of tedious, manual tasks.

Christian Ryan
DAF DTO Acquisition Director

Christian, the Acquisition Director at the DTO, is also an Unlimited Procurement Contracting Officer and Agreements Officer. His primary role revolves around managing the entire acquisition process from planning to execution. With over 15 years in defense civil service, Christian boasts a rich background, having served in various capacities within the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center. Prior to his civil service tenure, he honed his skills as a management and strategy consultant. Christian has a unique blend of contracting and program management expertise, enabling him to craft flexible and innovative acquisition solutions. Looking to collaborate or explore new opportunities? Chrisitan is your go-to person. Reach out to him to make connections and help revolutionize Air Force acquisitions!

Amber Gilbert
DAF DTO Digital Strategy Lead

Meet Amber, your Digital Strategy Lead, with Air Force expertise from diverse program offices, B-52 depot maintenance, and the Air Force Research Lab—she’s seen it all. Her mission? Bridging gaps between digital doers and critical resources. From DoD manufacturing improvements to digital transformation in the B-52 program office, she’s driven by practical solutions and user-centered approaches. Now, she focuses on advancing digital initiatives across the Department, ensuring Airmen and Guardians thrive. In her book, it’s not just about technology; it’s about empowering our service members to achieve their missions effectively. Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-evolving digital landscape? Please reach out to Amber! She’s committed to helping you navigate the Air Force’s digital revolution. Let’s innovate together!

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Monika Patel
DAF DTO Chief Architect

Monika is serving as the Chief Architect within the dynamic team at DTO dedicated to driving digital transformation in the acquisition enterprise. Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences in acquisition program offices, including pivotal roles as an Engineer, Research and Development lead, Program Manager and Tester, she brings a diverse and unique set of skills to the DTO. What truly sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to assisting program offices and functionals through their digital journeys. Let’s forge connections and explore synergies that amplify our impact. Whether you’re seeking insights, collaboration opportunities, or simply looking to dive deeper into the realm of digital transformation, I’m here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Elizabeth Loiacono
DAF DTO Workforce and Engagement Lead

Elizabeth thrives on pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in digital transformation. She currently serves as the DTO’s Workforce and Engagement Lead, delving into digital innovation and program management with over nine years of experience in Digital Engineering. Spearheading LaunchPad Customer Engagement, she’s the brains behind setting up a streamlined helpdesk system, organizing feedback forums, and ensuring users get top-notch support. On top of that, Elizabeth drives the DTO’s Education and Workforce Training initiative to foster digital fluency. In her previous role, she led the $95 million Digital Enterprise Program for the Air Force, helping to reshape manufacturing with digital technologies. Want to connect with Elizabeth and co-create the future with her? She’d love to hear from you!

Jane Hartkemeyer
DAF DTO Contracting Officer

Jane is standing up one of the first contracting positions here in the DTO. She will take over contract management of all of the DTO’s current contract efforts as well as manage new DTO contracts from pre-award, negotiation, award, and post award. She brings a wealth of experience from previous contracting offices in LCMC such as Sensors, Operational, FMS major weapons systems, and Architecture and Integration. Jane is looking forward to finding new and unique ways to do acquisition that support the DAF’s evolving digital infrastructure.

Fernando Browning
DAF DTO Digital Sustainment Engineer

Fernando is currently a part-time DTO team member, also working in the Technology and Technical Policy Division within Logistics, Civil Engineering, Force Protection, and the Nuclear Integration Directorate, where he focuses on Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS). His experience spans propulsion and airframe engineering, and he’s previously held roles across the Air Force sustainment community, including Logistics/Sustainment Process Lead Engineer, Division Sustainment Engineering Support Focal Point/Expert, Division OSS&E (Operational Safety, Suitability, & Effectiveness) Engineering Lead, Systems Integration Team Sustainment Expert, and Sustainment Component Improvement Program (CIP) Manager. Fernando is passionate about enabling sustainment programs to realize optimal returns through the expanded use and cultural adoption of digital tools.

Thanks to our alumni

We appreciate the valuable contributions of our former team members. They’re some of the DAF’s best and brightest, and we’re cheering them on as they continue to find new opportunities to champion digital transformation and make a positive impact in other areas of the organization. Here they are, from A to Z…
Collin Cutler
Former DAF DTO Digital Engineer
David Diaz
Former DAF DTO Chief Architect
Noah “Odie” Demerly
Former DAF DTO Process Automation Lead
Mike Gangl
Former DAF DTO Principal Systems Engineer
Eric Griesenbrock
Former DAF DTO Lead Integrator
Keith Lucas
Former DAF DTO Systems Modeler SME
Capt. John McCrea
Former DAF DTO Digital Sustainment Lead

Ryan McNeal

Former DAF DTO Digital Education and Training Lead

Vince “Swath” Pecoraro
Former DAF DTO Lead Project Manager
David Penaloza
Former DAF DTO Comms and Knowledge Management
Christen Walden
Former DAF DTO Digital Twin/Thread Lead
Ashley Whitney-Rawls
Former DAF DTO Digital Acquisition Lead
Dr. Steven Turek
DAF DTO Technical Director
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